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Hearing aid manufacturer & suppliers. Guangdong ENNO Medical Technology CO., Ltd provides high quality with competitive price hearing aids. ENNO is a professional R&D manufacturer. Specialized in manufacturing high-quality ITE, BTE hearing aids.


May all the hearing aids manufacturers have mentioned that “high-quality hearing aid” ,but the difference between ENNO hearing aid’s high quality is ENNO applies Japanese quality consultant in Japan for a regular inspection for each model of the hearing aid. And the Japanese quality consultant in ENNO hearing aid was working in Sony Group’s Electronics. As the technicians with more than 30 years of experience for Sony R&D products.

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Why is Japanese product quality very high?

Japanese people have a philosophy of life that is very different from what you see in the West. Here, how you handle something, whether it is tangible, like an object, or intangible, like the way you behave; It is in importance equal or even superior to the aimed end result.

Sony is a leader in consumer electronics.

Apart from looking at simply the corporate world of Sony, there is much more to Sony that makes it a leader in consumer electronics. This innovation comes with Sony not just simply recreating products, but actually inventing new technology. In May 1960 - Sony was the first company to create the world's first direct-view portable television.


ENNO hearing aid is the first manufacturer of Research & Development(R&D) hearing aid without ear domes for wearing a long time with no pressure and looking fashion it looks like headphones more than a hearing aid for elderly hearing loss.

EN-IA013A ITE portable rechargeable hearing aid (fashionable design without ear dome)

 hearing aid China manufacture | ennohearingaid

The common problem with hearing aid howling

The disturbing whistling or squeaking noise coming from your hearing aid is caused by feedback. Feedback occurs when the sound coming out of your hearing aid loops back around and goes into the hearing aid's microphone.

In EN-013 portable rechargeable hearing aid, Japanese technology is clearly highlighted, solving the problem people confuse about so far.  

Whether design, appearance, structure, and quality, it is so much that one cannot bear to part with it for the new without ear dome and zero howling hearing aid.

 hearing aid China manufacture | ennohearingaid


 Guangdong ENNO Medical Technology CO.,ltd applies for Multiple certifications for the world hearing aid tender for local government medical requirements.

Medical Device Registration Certificate

Obtain Medical Device Manufacturing License

ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System

Medical ISO13485 Quality Management System

CE Certificate

FDA Certificate

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