How to choose a hearing aid for a hearing loss personal?

Normally you need to realize the that you are in hearing loss, from a hearing health center. so how to deal with directly use a hearing aid.

The following for you to realize that you are in hearing loss, and how to choose a hearing aid:

 How to choose a hearing aid for a hearing loss personal?

Although you knows what level of hearing loss, but will not all kind of haring aid is suitable for you. Due to its very small size, this type of hearing aid is only suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss, that is, the average hearing loss is between 26 and 50 dB (this requires a special hearing test in the clinic or hospital). And because they are not easy to operate, they have certain requirements for eyesight and dexterity of both hands. They are not recommended to the elderly who have no care or suffer from Parkinson's disease.

Besides, many people avoid this ear back hearing aid. However, it is not as bad as you think. Especially after the micro version of ear back hearing aid (RIC), concealment is no longer a problem. If you don't stare at the back of the wearer's head all the time, you can't find it at all. It is suitable for mild to severe hearing impairment, that is, between 26 and 80 dB (patients with very severe hearing impairment with an average hearing loss of 81 dB or more had better wear a traditional ear back aid otherwise the power is too low and the volume will not be enough). Then the price is cheaper than the ear aid.

here are the range of hearing aid types for you :

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What is a in the ear haring aid?

What is a ear back haring aid? 

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